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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Spring 2006 Hookahville news

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We are pleased to announce that the Ville in the Valley show has been renamed to

Ekoostik Hookah is heading back to their roots by bringing original co-founder John Mullins back into the band. You can read all about the bands reunion at

We have also just signed Blues Traveler to join in on the Memorial Day celebration! Spring Hookahville 2006 in the Valley is sure to be one of the most energetic shows the midwest has to offer this year!

Check out the article on JamBase titled
Mullins back on Hookah

~ Tickets are onsale now ~
Hookaville Presale Special
$50 untill March 31st! - get 'em while they last...


$20 Early Bird Camping on Thursday, March 25th.

Vendors don't delay! If your planning on getting a spot for this event, now is the time to do it. The best vending spots will be gone soon so get your
Vending Information Packet completed and mailed in today!

It's a damn good day to be a Hookah fan!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

John Mullins is Back!!!!


ekoostik Hookah is happy and excited to announce the return of John Mullins to the band. We are looking forward to harnessing John's enthusiasm, learning his newer material and relearning the old. We anticipate good times ahead, sharing our music with our long-time friends and fans, and turning on more recent hookah fans to the music we have all been apart from for many years.

Our first shows with John will be in Jamaica as part of the Jamm in Jamaica festival March 25th to April 1st.. Information about travel and tickets is available at Our first shows stateside will be April 28th-30th at Nelson Ledges' Blossom Blast, and we are happy to announce that Hookahville will be Memorial Day Weekend at Legend Valley (formerly Buckeye Lake Music Center).

ekoostik Hookah

Pigs fly, there’s ice-skating in hell, and monkeys might fly outta my posterior any minute. I’d never have thought it possible that I would once again be a member of ekoostik Hookah but here we are. Full circle. For me the timing couldn’t be better. I couldn’t have considered such a big commitment just one year ago. The rock gods have smiled upon me and I am gonna make the most of it.

I need to thank Dave, Eric, Cliff and Steve for inviting me back into the fold. It is a huge step and one that I take very seriously. These are musicians that I have the utmost love and respect for. In all earnestness I am getting up to speed with the newer material and find myself ith new ideas for tunes screaming from all directions. This should prove to be a very productive time for me as a songwriter and as a musician in general.

Those coming out for the upcoming gigs will get nothing but the best of what I have to offer. I have gotten to know many Hookah fans over the years many who came onboard after I was gone. Friendships have grown and these friends have helped me to where I find myself today.

Some questions about the ghosts of the past must be answered. The stories are out there. Some true, some ridiculous, some both. There have been times when I wasn’t fit to be on the stage. Remembering those times is just as important as not repeating them. Professionalism and devotion to the music are the standard. The fans deserve it and quite frankly, the band demands it. Not only of me but also of themselves. It is in this spirit that I am happy to return.

Ekoostikly Yours,

John Mullins